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Welcome to Craig Cable TV, Inc.

Serving Community of Craig since 1978

Cable TV Channel Line-Up


Craig Cable TV, Inc.

Craig Cable TV, Inc.

This is a complete channel line-up with links to each channel listings that you can visit, it also include its own tv schedule.

Click on the Network Channel listings to visit their web sites below.

2Alaska Rural Communication Service
3American Hero Channel (AHC)
4WGN Chicago
5ESPN Sports Network
6ESPN 2 Sport Network
7Roots NorthWest Sport
8POWTV Prince of Wales Island Television, A local television broadcast service, Craig, Alaska
8with KFMJ Ketchikan FM Radio audio background
9Spike TV Network
10Country Music Television
11The Learning Channel
12The Discovery Channel
13Lifetime Television
14Home Box Office
16Home Box Office 2
17The Showtime
18The Movie Channel
19Disney Channel
20Disney XD
21This channel is disabled due to local interference, ABC Family Channel moved to channel 66.
22BYU Television
23AMC Television
24KWGN CW Denver
25KJUD ABC Alaska Juneau
26KTVA CBS Anchorage
27KING NBC Seattle
28KTOO-TV PBS Alaska One Juneau
29KCPQ Fox Seattle
30The Ad Channel, 24/7 Local Advertising Channel
30with KRBD Ketchikan FM Radio audio background
31USA Network
32Sci-Fi Channel
33KYES UPN Anchorage
34The Weather Channel with local weather forecast inserts
37The Travel Channel
38The Comedy Central
40OWN Oprah Network
41Discovery Family Channel
42Northwest Cable News
43CNBC Financial News
44MSNBC News Network
45Fox News Network
46Fox Business News
47One America News Networks
48Arts & Entertainment Network
49 The Biography Channel
50Lifetime Movie Network
51National Geographic Channel
52The History Channel
53The History Channel 2
54E! Entertainment Channel
55The Outdoor Channel
56Independant Film Channel
57Home & Garden Television
58Animal Planet
59Fox Movie Channel
60FX Network
61Food Network
62Great American Country
63TVLand Network
64Tennis Channel
65Major League Baseball Network
66The Family Channel, Hallmark Channel moved to channel 67
67Hallmark Channel, Trinity Broadcast Networks moved to channel 84.
68Hallmark Movie Channel
69Black Entertainment Television
70On-Screen TV Guide Channel
70with KIFW Sitka FM Radio audio background
73NBC Sports Channel
74Fox College Sport Pacific
75Fuse Network
76The Sportsman Channel
77QVC Shopping Channel
78The Cooking Channel
79Maverick Television
80All Wealth Entertainment Television
81KTVA CBS Alaska Television (Alternative Interference Free Channel)
82Bravo Television
83ETWN Global Catholic Network (TEMPORARY CHANNEL) (COMING SOON) 360 North TV Magazine (Permanent Station)
84Trinity Broadcasting Network
85(COMING SOON) 3 Angel Network
86(COMING SOON) ETWN Global Catholic Network
95Alaska Three: UATV University Of Alaska Telecourse
96(This Channel is disabled due to local interference) 360 North TV Magazine Moved to Channel 99
98C-Span Two
99360 North TV Magazine (Temporary Station)
99(COMING SOON) Cable TV Internet Modem Service


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